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Eli Lucas Master Guide : Alaska Coastal Hunting LLC


Owner/Operator/Master Guide

Our company was established in 1996 and operates in 3 territories.

I grew up hunting and trapping here in Southeast Alaska. An old man, Clint Fick, hunted bears with me when I was a boy. He had been a taxidermist, as was his son. It is a nice memory of having learned the details of skinning and detailing a hide from Clint; as he was a patient and skilled teacher.

The old gentleman guide, Ben Forbes, then hired me to hunt brown and black bears when I was twenty. He was about 80, and I had the privilege to be the new eyes in his operation.

Now I have been at guiding hunters for 30 years. I like dealing with the animals, and helping people fulfill their dreams of a wild Alaskan hunt.

So I am encouraged by the niche we fill as a hunting outfit.  As one hunter told me last Fall, "You are the outfit I have been looking for and can hardly find. You are small enough to have time for me."

I am a fifth generation Alaskan, and on the other hand I am part Tlingit Native from the area. This rich heritage has helped me know and understand these forest covered islands that I call home.

I invite you to enjoy the comfort of our 50' boat, a warm bunk, and hearty meals that will make up your base camp. You may hunt the islands for brown bear, black bear, wolf, sitka blacktail, or mountain goat. If you desire the exotic colored sea ducks, they are a free add on to your late season deer or goat hunts; when the birds are fresh from the arctic and in full plumage.​

For the fisherman, we offer fly fishing trips for wild steel head or salmon. Summertime offers saltwater fishing for halibut, rock fish, and salmon.

We operate by USFS special use permit from Petersburg. We are located in the heart of the intricate Alexander Archipelligo and surrounded by the Tongass National Forest.
Our thirty years of guiding in Southeast, Alaska has shown us that small parties of two to four sportsmen lends to greater successes. Let our experience be the key to your next great adventure.

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